Leave the Energy-Saving to Us

We use industry standard "BEST" air management practices such as:

  • Arrange racks in hot aisle/cold aisle
  • Consider overhead supply
  • Draw return from as high as possible or utilize return plenum
  • Get variable speed or two speed server fans
  • Match server airflow by aisle
  • Plug floor leaks and provide blanking plates in racks
  • Provide variable airflow fans for AC units
  • Provide isolation of hot and cold spaces
  • Use CFD and monitoring to inform design and operation

Energy Saving Products

  • Sub-Floor Wall (keep the air where it is useful)
  • Revolutionary Brush 
  • 5" double cup lifter tool and the lifter-bracket.
  • If you are looking for a floor lifter, floor suction cup, raised floor, floor tiles, suction cup, data center, floor tile puller, back saver - check out our Ergo floor tile puller.
  • If you are looking for an air block, air leaks, containment, seal air leaks, cable pass thru, floor seal, hole seal, data center containment, air containment - check out our Air Gap Filler. We also have CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE.